Get Your HVAC System Summer-Ready

HVAC contractor inspecting air vents during maintenance

It’s the first hot day of the year. You go to turn on your air conditioning, and nothing. It’s the last thing anybody wants, so it’s essential to make sure your HVAC system is fully serviced in the spring—that way, come summertime, you’re ready to go!

There are a few crucial steps to take in the spring—some you can do yourself, but others, it’s best to have an HVAC technician’s help.

Think of it like servicing your car or treating your fence. When you make an investment, you want to take care of it so that it lasts.

Benefits of an HVAC Service

Lower Energy Bills

When your system is properly cared for, it will run more efficiently and use less energy—meaning more money in your pocket. Why pay extra when you don’t need to?

Fewer Repair Bills

While the HVAC contractor is examining your system, they will notice any minor wear and tears before they become major issues. Major issues equal big bucks, and that’s something nobody wants out of the blue.

More Reliable

Again, nobody likes unexpected costs. What would you rather, using your hard-earned cash towards something fun like a vacation or replacing your HVAC system

We all want our equipment to last and work when we need it! 

Better Air Quality

Dust and mold both can impact our health—especially if you have allergies—so ensuring your air system is free of them is vital. A spring clean and a change of filters will make the world of good.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Essentials

There are several steps an HVAC Contractor will take when servicing your system. These include cleaning, clearing clogs, changing filters, lubricating moving parts, and checking your thermostat. 

However, there are also things you can do to help the longevity and reliability of your system without Air Conditioning Contractors.

Remove Debris

Make sure the area around your HVAC unit is clear (around 2 feet of space), removing any debris, such as leaves, branches, and trash. You should also ensure grass clippings don’t blow in that general direction.

Letting debris build-up can create clogs or mold, which can be detrimental to your health.

Test Your Cooling Function

Check your system is working now before you desperately need it. That way, if there is an issue, you can get it fixed right away before the last-minute rush.

Turn Off Your Furnace’s Humidifier

Remember to turn off the water going into your furnace’s humidifier before cooling season. Otherwise, you risk your central air conditioner not cooling or dehumidifying properly.

Keep Your Unit Level

You’d be surprised at the difference a balanced unit can make—it helps with the system’s longevity and the consistency from the air conditioning outputs. We want temperatures comfortable throughout your home or building and not just in certain areas.

Get A Smart Thermostat

This tip isn’t essential as such, but it does make a huge difference. Smart thermostats (also known as wifi thermostats) help with energy bills, track usage, and make life so much easier as you can control everything remotely! 

For help and services on your HVAC system, get in touch with our team today.

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