How To Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe Under Your House

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One of the most serious concerns in residential plumbing is broken or corroded pipes under a house. Not only is that a homeowner’s worst nightmare, but it’s also equally challenging for plumbers to quickly tackle the situation. The longer you delay the treatment for a broken sewer pipe under the house, the greater the damage to your health and environment. 

Expert Plumbing Repair Methods

With advancements in residential plumbing tactics, repairing underground sewer pipes is not as time-consuming and costly as it once was. If you’re concerned about which approach you should opt for your underground pipes, here is your guide to expert plumbing methods that will surely not leave you disappointed with the results. 

Slip Lining To Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe Under The House

One of the most popular techniques used by plumbers today is slip lining. The reason for this is the quick repairing of sewer pipes without large-scale digging or exposing other pipes that do not require any work. 

Slip lining uses a soft and flexible pipe liner inserted into the damaged sewer pipe. Plumbers sometimes locate the damaged area by shoving a video cable within the existing pipe. The liner extends to the whole length of the existing pipe, providing water-tight security and sealing any cracks or leaks causing spillage.


  • Since there is no extensive digging and breakdown of your home’s basement, time is saved when fixing a broken sewer pipe under your house. 
  • Reduction in on-field time to treat the sewer pipes is also convenient for house members, where they don’t have to halt their daily activities. 
  • The landscape of the house is kept intact.
  • The absence of structural modifications allows slip lining to be an extremely cost-effective method. 
  • Offers a solution that maintains productivity in the long run.


  • Sometimes the problem extends outside of your property line. In that case, proper paperwork needs to be maintained for effective treatment. 
  • It only solves cracks and leaks in the existing pipes. If that is not the problem with your sewer pipe, you may need to opt for another method.

CIPP Lining To Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe Under The House

CIPP relining is another technologically advanced plumbing technique to repair broken sewer pipes under your house and revive their functionality. 

Plumbers release drain cameras into existing sewer pipes to estimate their diameter. Thereafter, a new pipe liner is created to match the shape and size of the broken sewer pipes under your house. Before the new pipe is inserted into the existing one, an epoxy resin is applied to create a water and corrosive-resistant sealant that lasts a lifetime. 

After the CIPP lining is safely secured, every small gap that can be pierced by tree roots, debris, or other elements is entirely sealed. Additionally, it also creates a smooth surface for the water to flow uninterrupted.


  • Least amount of disruption to property
  • CIPP relining is more economical than pipe replacement methods
  • The durability of this solution can last for decades.
  • Suitable for pipes made of varying materials such as PVC, cast iron, clay, etc.


  • Pipes that are in a structurally-compromised condition cannot be fixed with pipe relining.
  • Cases where the pipe in question is tough to access can make it challenging to complete the process.
  • It can be an expensive approach if several pipes need relining.

Pipe Bursting To Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe Under The House

The pipe bursting method for broken sewer pipes under your house does not retain the existing pipe. Instead, it places a new pipeline in place of the old one. This is done by breaking the old pipe while the new one is being put into place. 

A high-resolution drain camera is passed along the whole length of the existing pipe to note down the size, length, breakages, and other details of the old pipe. A single hole is then dug at the head and tail of the damaged pipe. Before the process starts the new pipe is heat welded to ensure its sturdiness. Lastly, the new pipe is mechanically pulled through the old sewer pipe. The old one bursts during this process, making way for the new one to fall firmly into place. 


  • Pipe bursting is fit for pipes with large diameters up to 8 inches.
  • Apart from two 4’ x 4’ holes, there is no destruction to the property.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective methods, especially since there is no excavation cost.
  • Allows the installation of a larger sewer line.


  • The damaged pipe must at least be longer than 15 feet.
  • Pipe bursting cannot be used to solve all pipe-related problems. For instance, if your pipe is improperly pitched, this method cannot help you with that problem.
  • The pipe-bursting process can create significant noise pollution.

Pipe Replacement To Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe Under The House

Pipe replacement is a more disruptive method of sewer pipe repair. It is only used by professionals when the damage to the existing pipe is severe. Before commencing, the professional team wraps the furniture and flooring in protective gear to keep dust and debris from being attached. 

After that, cuts are made into the concrete to find the location of the problem. Once spotted, the replacement process starts, replacing the damaged pipe with a fresh one. 


  • Upgraded plumbing functionality and improved water supply.
  • Get rid of corrosion, leaks, and any other sort of issue with our pipe.
  • Pipe replacement puts an end to plumbing issues for a long time and can increase your home’s resale value.


  • The amount of digging to replace the broken sewer pipe under your house makes this process much more destructive than any other method.
  • Pipe replacement is also the most expensive solution on the list because of the repainting, landscape repairing, and other expenses to undo the damages to your property.

Best Way to Repair a Broken Sewer Pipe Under Your House

In the end, there is no best way to fix a broken sewer pipe under your house. Your decision must be influenced by the location of the damaged pipe, the type of damage to the pipe, the nature of other pipes in the vicinity, your budget, and various other factors. For the best results, contact an experienced plumber like Spencer Home Services to assess the current situation of your pipes and advice on the most suitable course of action concerning them. Check out our Google reviews to see what your neighbors are saying!

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